Englisch for children in the Little English House®

  • Learning a foreign language with ease.

    Experience English, feel it, discern it with every sense: discover an hour full of adventures in English! Your children will be slowly brought close to an unknown language but will get used to it quickly.

    Almost nothing will be translated into German: the children will develop an understanding of the language by putting words in context, using flash-cards, facial expressions, songs, art and gestures.
  • Learning English with the help of music and art.

    We at the Little English House thrive to teach your kids English in a fun and easy way – by playing games, singing, dancing and being creative. By using recurring patterns combined with varying educational and movement games we make sure that the lessons stay exciting without being demanding.

  • Creativity and individual support are important to us!

    Authentic books and stories help children to dive into the world of their first foreign language. Our specifically designed workbooks and worksheets enable the teachers to focus on every childs’ individual level.
    We use our own developed Workbooks, which we are continual improving. With the help of these Workbooks our teachers can react to every individual level of education properly.
    The Total-Physical-Response-Method and a tasked based approach to language learning support a child’s understanding of something so new in a creative and playful way.

  • The lessons:

    Every lesson consits of art, music, culture and of course English. Our native teachers can guarantee the ideal sound reproduction.
    Our weekly classes last between 45 and 90 minutes. Every class consits out of 4 - 8 children.